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  • 10+ An experience in the digital marketing field
  • A work schedule of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • No joining fees or any hidden cost
  • FREE of cost consultations
  • Daily reports for work done
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Marketing is a dynamic concept and is constantly in a state of flux. From traditional methods that included outdoor billboards, newspaper advertisements and television spots, it has graduated to a different level. It has assumed the state of online publicity using World Wide Web as the medium. In this form of advertising it is essential to have a website dedicated to the cause of your organisation. These websites perform the task of brand building and also revenue generation. For a website to be readily accessible it needs to be optimized for which a specialist is required. Online advertising companies for this task hire a SEO expert.

Search engine optimization is a specialized job that involves creating or modifying a web page as per definite parameters. A SEO professional does the job of creating or modifying a web page based on these parameters. For an online marketer it is necessary to have a web page optimized since it is the determinant of its rank. Having a high rank is the primary lookout of a web page owner as its viewership in depended on it. Greater the viewer traffic of an online page, better are the chances of its creating a prospect base.

Websites and web pages are instruments of online publicity for a company or entity. For a web page to be truly effective as an advertising tool it needs to draw viewers at a sustained rate which is only possible if it is ranked sufficiently high. This is done through optimization that involves creating a web page in accordance to certain guidelines as set by search engines. For increasing the worth of a web page it is important to build links that lead to similar sites. In fact effective link building is a major criterion of improving website ranking. Companies specialising in SEO and online publicity hire a link builder for taking care of ‘off page’ optimization.

The task of a link builder is cut out to the extent that he or she has to get external pages linked to your website. This is a meticulous and time consuming task and demands patience. Improving rank of a web page by optimization is not an overnight exercise but a gradual process spread over several weeks. The real challenge of a link builder lies in getting links from authoritative sites. Such links automatically augments the strength of a web page.

Hire A Full Time Monthly SEO Expert

160 Hours per Month (8 Hours per Day)

Pay Only - $799.00

Hire A Part Time Monthly SEO Expert

80 Hours per Month (4 Hours per Day)

Pay Only - $449.00

Hire A Full Time Monthly SEO Link Builder

160 Hours per Month (8 Hours per Day)

Pay Only - $699.00

Hire A Part Time Monthly SEO Link Builder

80 Hours per Month (4 Hours per Day)

Pay Only - $399.00

Also, you can Hire a SEO Expert and Link Builder according to your requirement as an hour.

Hourly Hiring for SEO Expert - $6.00 per hour

Hourly Hiring for Link Builder - $5.00 per hour

We are Expertise in Following Tasks:

Google AdWords Knowledge

Expert in all On-page works

Expert in all Off-page works

If you want to discuss anything about our SEO Expert or Link Builder or if you have any question regarding SEO, please feel free to contact us or send your query to sales@semglobaltech.com